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Key Details

This Data protection policy is prepared by Uche Nwokedi and Co and approved by the board on the ----day of ------. The policy became operative on the ----day of ------. The next date for the review of the policy is going to be on a date to be agreed by the board subsequently.


This data protection policy is for the collection of certain data and information from people, which will be managed and stored in accordance with the acceptable data protection means and in compliance with the provisions of the law. These people include but are not limited to clients, employees, etcetera

Purpose of the policy

This data protection policy is in place to ensure
  1) Protection of data of individuals and adequate compliance with the provisions of the law in doing so.
  2) Transparency in the storage of individual’s data
  3) Protection of rights of clients and individuals

Data Protection Law

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), which is the national authority that is responsible for planning, development and promotion of the use of information technology in Nigeria, issued guidelines on data protection called the NITDA Guidelines.

The guidelines stipulate the minimum data protection requirements on protection, transfer and storage of personal data. This consists of eight principles, which are guidelines for best practice in handling data, which states that
  1) Personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully
  2) Personal data shall only be used in accordance with the purposed for which it was collected
  3) Personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive
  4) Personal data must be accurate and where necessary kept up to date
  5) Personal data must be processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects
  6) Appropriate technical and organizational measures must be established to protect the data
  7) Personal data must not be transferred outside Nigeria unless adequate provisions are in place for its protection.

Scope of the Data Protection Policy

This data protection policy is applicable to:
  • The Nigerian Oil and Gas Cases (NOGC) and anything pertaining or related to it.

This data protection policy also encompasses information that is not covered by the NITDA guidelines.

Data Storage

This describes how data should be safely stored. It also applies to electronic data, which is printed out to paper. When the data is still in electronic form, it must be protected from unauthorized access, and deletion. Data will be backed up and also all servers and computers containing data will be protected by approved security means such as a security software or firewall.

Data Disclosure

The personal data of individuals are not to be disclosed without their consent. However, in certain circumstances, the law permits that personal data of individuals will be disclosed without their consent. These circumstances include but are not limited to instances of fraud, for public safety, suspicion of crime, Etcetera.

In such instances, the personal data of individuals will be disclosed. However, steps will be taken to ensure that the request is legitimate and founded.

Last updated: 27th September, 2017.

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